About Us

Our Unique Appeal

What makes Harry Ramsden’s so special?

Quintessentially British
Product is still produced the same way today as nearly 100 years ago
Significant lack of direct competition
Over 30 years of franchise experience

If you visit any of our restaurants, you’ll see customers from every age group and walk of life. Children, parents, grandparents….and what is remarkable is that those grandparents remember when their own grandparents visited Harry Ramsden’s!

Our restaurants are not only synonymous with great food, they’re a bustling social destination, and a trusted brand. For nearly 100 years, customers know that when they see a Harry Ramsden’s, they’ve found a place where they belong. A place founded on an incredible traditions of quality and service. Our original batter recipe is still used, almost a century after its creation – you can’t improve on perfection!

However, that’s not to say we have ever stood still as a brand. We’ve always stayed anchored in everything that has made Harry Ramsden’s so great for so many years, but we also understand how to adapt to every new generation of customer. The Harry Ramsden’s you see today is the perfect balance between the legacy of generations of happy customers, and the magic of a modern brand with truly global appeal.

With a Harry Ramsden’s franchise, you’ve got it all!

Our Global journey

Harry Ramsden’s may be essentially British at its heart, but the appeal of our food goes way beyond just British customers, as can be seen by our huge success in Malaysia.

In many ways, expanding to the Malaysian market was the perfect test for our brand. The region has its own very strong food traditions which are very different from Britain. Culturally and geographically, there are some big differences, too – not to mention, the weather is a lot better! We knew that if we could prove our concept in this territory, we could prove that Harry Ramsden’s could work anywhere in the world.

Which is exactly what happened, and our partners in Malaysia are enjoying all the success and prestige of operating their very own iconic destinations in the local, casual eating scene. On the back of this success, we are very keen to partner with new investors who are ready to replicate this growth in their own regions.