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From small beginnings…

Harry Ramsden’s is now Britain’s longest established restaurant chain, and the world’s most famous Fish and Chips brand. However, our origins are much more humble and start with our founder of the same name, who opened his first shop in 1928. It was very different from what you see at our restaurants today – just a small wooden hut near the tram station in Guiseley, West Yorkshire (a small town in the north of England) – but word soon spread about his great Fish & Chips and travellers started coming from far and wide to try them.

Just three years later, Harry was successful enough to leave the wooden hut behind and open his own full service restaurant at the site. It quickly became renowned as the best spot for Fish & Chips, and diners soon flocked from all over the world. In July 1952, the restaurant broke the Guinness World Record for the most portions of Fish & Chips served in a day, serving 10,000 people who came to celebrate the 21st birthday of Harry Ramsden’s now very famous restaurant.

… to serving up a global sensation!

It’s been quite the journey since then, with Harry Ramden’s restaurants appearing all across the UK, and even spreading to Malaysia. During that time, Fish & Chips has remained Britain’s favourite dish and become a new favourite for customers all around the world. Our delicious, sustainably sourced fish, coated in our top-secret batter mix and fried to perfection, is partnered with light and fluffy British potatoes, creating a perfect meal fit for any occasion.

In many ways, Fish & Chips was the first, mainstream quick service food in the UK, and Harry Ramsden’s has been its iconic supplier for nearly 100 years. To this day, our restaurants still rely on the secrets of those original recipes, including their trademark secret batter, to serve high quality food to legions of satisfied customers. Harry’s original legacy is still very much part of everything we do, and we are 100% committed to maintaining his founding principles of excellence, whilst continuing to develop the brand for new generations.


In recent years, we have forged valuable relationships with some of the world’s biggest food brands, such as Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, The Genting Group, one of Asia’s leading multinationals in hospitality and leisure, and Prince’s, one of the world’s largest food and drink manufacturers, importers & distributors.

We are now entering an exciting new phase of our growth as we take our proven concept into lucrative new territories around the world.

And we want you to be a part of it.