Franchise opportunity

The Opportunity

This is your opportunity to join a brand with incredible tradition, a worldwide presence, and huge growth potential

We are looking for investors and area developers with the potential to replicate what we have achieved in the UK and Malaysia. Investing in the Harry Ramsden’s franchise is the perfect opportunity for high net worth individuals to expand their portfolio with an exciting and rewarding new business venture which is highly scalable in variety of formats and locations. It is also an excellent chance for new investors to break into the highly lucrative F&B market with a solid business proposition.

By working together with us to take our unique brand into your own region, you will be able to tap into a thriving, contemporary business which is founded on the extraordinary tradition of great food, hospitality and service. This is your chance to be part of a respected brand which will make your franchise restaurants a unique destination.

Our global success so far has shown that there are three distinct formats which work most effectively in giving customers the opportunity to enjoy the authentic Harry Ramsden’s experience. Just as importantly, they also represent the most successful and lucrative ways for our partners to grow the brand in their own defined territories.

These three franchise concepts are:

Harry’s Full Service Restaurant

The full, traditional experience of being both a sit down restaurant and takeaway. A buzzing destination full of customer all enjoying high-quality food and superb service which is sure to grow into the food outlet of choice in any area.

Harry’s Quick Service Restaurant

Perfect for high-footfall areas such as tourist attractions or shopping malls, where a high turnover of customers is expected and quick turnaround of orders is essential.

Harry’s Hut

An eye-catching and versatile kiosk style outlet which can be deployed in outdoor environments and built to meet the exact needs of your location and customer base. Inspired by our founder’s very first outlet! If he can make it big, so can you…

Extra revenue streams

You also may want to consider adding Harry’s Home Delivery to your business and create a further revenue stream to complement and enhance your revenue potential. Dependant on your local market and existing partnerships within your region, there is also considerable scope to add licensing and retail distribution to your revenue stream, much as we have already done in our existing territories; as exampled by our highly successful partnership with Iceland and The Food Warehouse, who retail and sell Harry Ramsden’s branded products in over 900 stores.